Cake Storage and Shelf Life.

• All cakes should be stored in a cool dark place on a flat sturdy surface.
• Never put cakes in the fridge other than fresh dairy cream cakes.
• Sponge, Chocolate and Carrot cake will keep for 5 days after delivery.
• Fruit cake lasts perfectly well, wrapped in foil, for months in the freezer.
• We do not currently make gluten or dairy free cakes.
• Our sponge and chocolate cake does not contain nuts but may contain nut traces. (Occasionally we use additional ingredients from outside suppliers, and we ensure these do not contain any added nuts or nut products, however, most suppliers make mention that due to manufacturing processes traces of nut may be present).
• Our fruit cake does contain nuts and alcohol. (fruit cakes can also be made without alcohol, contact us for alternate options)

Our cakes are made with vegetable fats and contain dairy products.
Always make sure you use a sharp knife when cutting cakes.